>501 up and other meaningless statistics


Last night I rode the Maidenhead and Dist CC club 10m TT. It was a lovely evening and I was pleased with my time of 24:38. This was my first ride with the bars set higher in preparation for the ‘100’ on July 11th, so no major slowing down noticed.

Race stats: Time: 24:38 (24.36mph). First 5 miles: 12:10, second 5 miles: 12:28. Top speed: 30.6mph. Slowest mile (1): 2:45 (21.82mph), fastest mile (10): 2:09 (27.91mph). Average HR: 164bpm, maximum HR: 169bpm. 15th of 42 finishers. Ave. cadence: 77rpm. Winner: Peter Weir (Maidenhead and Dist CC) 21:02

As I was entering the details onto my database I notice that this was race number 501 on my career record. Except it wasn’t. I created the database a few years ago – trawling old exercise books and diaries for details of races – and I know that some races are missing. I think the time trialling picture is complete (you have to keep details of TTs fairly religiously to be able to fill in the entries) but I think a few road races are absent. My whole cyclo-cross career (hahaha) has disappeared – even the race at Abercynon where I won a chainset (a steel, 48T single ring chainset – but a chainset).

Some more meaningless stats…

First race: 26/12/1973, Worcester St Johns CC club ’10’, K47 (Malvern), 35:27 and last, winner Paul Deakin (VC Central) 24:27. Except that I’d ridden some ‘cross races before that.

Wins: 1

Longest race: 4/9/77, Welsh CA 12 hour, R96, 238.5247 miles, winner John T Hatfield (Cwmcarn Paragon) 250 miles. Except that I also rode the Windsor-Chester-Windsor 600km Audax that year – 375 miles – does that count?

Most events in a season: 68 in 2009 (including taking August off)

Best season: 1977 (BBAR certificate)

Fastest seasons: 1980 (sub-hour ’25’), 1981 and 1983 (fastest ever ’10’)

Lay offs: 1979 (rode 2 events), 1986-1990 (rode 4 events in ’91), 1992-2003, and 2006

Clubs: Gannet CC, Archer RC-Cutty Sark, Worcester St Johns CC, Ross-on-Wye and Dist CC, Archer RC and Willesden CC.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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