>Calshot and Willesden CC reliability

>Saturday to Calshot with Andy H of the Westerley CC (cheers for the lift, Andy) for the penultimate Prime Coaching session of the Winter. Keith and Tony were the coaches and Aileen registered the riders and co-ordinated the timing.

This was my first ride on my new second hand track bike (left) – I just managed to get it built in time. It handled well, but I need to check the position again (sore knees).

A smaller group than normal meant that we had plenty of track time – that is: plenty of time to get frazzled. We went through a whole series of exercises including a timed flying lap. I ‘flew’ to a 12.06sec lap. Andy did it in 11.51sec, so I got a lift home. I bottled out of the last Madison exercise – maybe next time.

The photos are all by Tony using Andy’s camera.

Sunday was the Willesden CC reliability trial. The day started with heavy rain. A lot of riders thought better of starting. Though the downpour stopped quite quickly the roads were wet throughout and drenched the riders.

As we climbed to Wendover Woods the wetness turned to slush and then to snow. I’d been thinking of turning short at Wendover anyway, and these conditions looked like a good excuse (especially after the experience of the Team Quest reliability).

Five of us (including fellow WCC members Rich and Richie) headed back along the A413 and Denham to the HQ at Ickenham where the low number of participants meant there was plenty of tea and cake to be had. I should feel guilty about cutting the ride short (plenty didn’t), but I don’t.

The photos  are by organiser John. He had hoped to ride but understandably didn’t want to risk injuring his hair style in the damp conditions.

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  1. >Well done just for turning up at the Relibility. I have a whole catalogue of excuses, ranging from a cold to lack of transport and pancake-related sore legs. But the truth is that it was chucking it down when I woke up and I thought "Sod this, I'm staying in bed".

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