>Congratulations, Marie


My sister Marie has won three Gold medals and a Silver at the New Zealand Masters Games in Dunedin. She won the 500m TT, the 2km individual pursuit and the 4km scratch race. The Silver medal came in the 500m sprint where she says “my legs died at the end”. Apparently it was a roasting hot day in Dunedin.

She says:

My speed wasn’t great […] but I actuallyfelt good racing! The scratch race was a combined event with the men (cos therewasn’t enough competitors for a full field in either category). We dropped theother women in the first lap (when the men took off), but I hung on for grimdeath until the final (16th) lap when the men lost me in their sprint.

She has qualifying for the National 2000m individual pursuit coming up on 16th February – Good luck, Marie.