>Team Quest Reliability Trial and Cycling Past 50


I opted for the 90km route on Quest’s reliability trial (trying to avoid hills again). It has the great benefit of going up the long, gradual Hughendon Valley climb which suits a heavy diesel like me. I still managed to get dropped towards the top though.

We were slower this year. We had several extended icy sections to traverse and this year we worked hard (i.e. waited) to keep the 10 strong group together for the whole ride. I’m rather grateful – I struggled after yesterday’s effort.

My little brother bought me Cycling Past 50 by Joe Friel for Christmas. He can be hurtful sometimes.

I haven’t opened it yet but I’m looking forward to the chapters on Carbo-Loading With Werther’s Originals, Fitting SPD Cleats to Slippers and Which Oakleys Go Best With YourMeerschaum Pipe? Thanks, Gary.