>Turbo tips

>It’s snowing again. I haven’t ridden outdoors since the 5th January. Like a lot of people, I’m trying to keep a semblance of fitness by using the turbo machine. How on earth do you make it bearable? Here are some tips I’ve come up with, but they’re not enough…

1. Make sure your turbo is set up correctly. The handlebar tape is all wrong in this picture.

2. Put the fan behind you and enjoy having a tailwind for a change.

3. Fit castors to your turbo and practice echeloning with friends.

4. As (3), but create a Busby Berkeley number to share on club night. Your club mates will be amazed.

5. Practice skills. This is the time of year to:

  • hone your range of victory salutes. 
  • learn to pee while on the move (a strategically placed bucket can help avoid “who should clean up” arguments with house mates later)
  • get a friend to run past you at 25mph flapping a musette full of mini sausage rolls in your general direction.

6. Write a novel, learn to play the banjo and/or learn to speak a new language.

And finally, and perhaps my best idea so far…

7. Delay your turbo session by writing a blog post.

Happy Training!