>A Winter Tradition


I am, at the moment, enjoying the last bit of my traditional Winter cold. It’s been a mild affair but goodness it’s dragged on. I’ve managed two zone 2 turbo sessions in the past ten days. It feels like all of the good work of keeping the miles going through November has been lost.

I’ve been generally out of sorts recently. The doctor sent me for blood tests and they’ve all come back clear (apart from the old cholesterol). I guess that this means it’s all in the mind.

I had hoped to race the Winter Series #3 tomorrow, but today’s turbo effort suggest that this would not be wise. Plus it’s icy and snowy at the moment. Good luck to any riders who do ride.

Family commitments will eat into training and racing time over Christmas. I hope to be back on the bike and racing by the New Year.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.