>Season review – part 2 / New season starts already!


Today is day one of the 2009/2010 season plan. It crept up on me without me noticing. Luckily it’s down as a rest day, so no need to feel guilty until tomorrow.

Why did last season (as I have to call it now) fall apart?

Might it be over-racing? I did ride more than 60 races despite a long break. The focus on racing did result in some lost quality training sessions – there was hardly any interval work outs once the racing started in earnest. I could have targeted events better, using some races as expensive training and/or testing sessions and others as ‘A’ races. I enjoy racing, so I don’t think I’ll cut back too much next year. I will, however, try and reduce racing miles in the run up to target events.

Could it be a lack of training? I come from an era when ‘miles’ were important. It feels strange to be training less than 7,000 miles a year. But the emphasis has changed from quantity to quality nowadays. I will try and edge my mileage up by about 10% for next year, but the focus will be on a progressive, structured plan rather than hours in the saddle.

Would I benefit from a coach? A moot point. I’m pretty sure that an outside eye, a motivator and a skilled training plan builder would be valuable, but the money ain’t there at the moment. Joe Friel’s Training Bible and an Excel spreadsheet will have to suffice. This is a pity because I think my tendency to get in to a monotonous groove has worked against getting faster. I need to work on those harder, more intense sessions.

Should I eat better? Yes. I’m a junk vegetarian. I don’t think the second part of that description raises insurmountable problems, but the junk bit is an issue. I am permanently tired and struggle to recover. Diet is a big part of that. I will eat more bananas and fewer bite size Milky Ways… I’ve said that before, mind.

2 thoughts on “>Season review – part 2 / New season starts already!

  1. >lance – enjoy your blog. i note your desire to get in more intense sessions but that you also like racing. have you considered racing at palace (also tuesdays). I switched to there from hillingdon last year and although tough felt I got a much better work out from the constant climbing?

  2. >Thanks for the comment. I should try Palace (and Hog Hill) I suppose. Hillingdon is favourite because it's very close (and I do a lot of my training there). I need to work on my climbing tho' so maybe a trip South is in order.

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