>South Western RC / Surrey League RR

>Yesterday’s South Western RC / Surrey League 3rd and 4th category handicap road race was held on the Alfold circuit in superb weather.

On a personal level, it did not go well. I had entered on a whim and almost immediately regretted the impulse. Memories of my last road racing debacle started to haunt me and I lined up in a very negative frame of mind. Within a couple of miles I was shelled from the bunch and a few miles later I was on my own. I gave it one lap of effort and then span round for another two to get the miles in. This, at least, gave me a chance to appreciate what a nice circuit it is and to thank the marshalls and organisers as I went along.

My Willesden CC team mates Rich and Tom had better rides.
That was my last mass start event of the year. I’m wondering whether it’s worth investing in a road licence for next season.