>Two circuit races in a weekend

>The fitness numbers are coming back – I’m over a 100 arbitrary units of chronic training load now. Looking at the last three years’ data, I need to be at around 130 to be putting in the good rides. Of course, for the very best rides the acute training load shouldn’t be too high either (the training stress balance should be neutral or even negative). The data suggests, however, that just having a fair degree of fitness (c. 100) and a low training stress balance is not enough. Fridays ‘scores’ were: CTL 100, ATL 141 and TSB -41. More work to do!

Note that these scores are based on my simplistic understanding of the concepts laid out by Andrew Coggan, but are based on TRIMP scores derived from HR zones rather than power readings. Theres an outline of Coggan’s ideas
with good links here. Here is a package that works with TRIMP scores in SportsTracks. My previous posts mentioning training load are here.

Saturday was the last of the weekly circuit race series at Hillingdon. The event, hosted by Agiskoviner, had beautiful weather and produced a fast race. I, as ever it seems, sat on the back and watched the sprint from a safe distance. Two riders got away early and stayed away, helped by the E123 race passing our race and then reverting to club run mode. Chapeau to the first two for an impressive effort.

Race stats: Race distance: 23.94 miles, time: 57:18 (25.1mph average speed). ? from ? finishers. Top speed: 32.2mph. Fastest mile: 2:16 (26.5mph – mile 10), slowest mile: 2:32 (23.7mph – miles 21 and 22). Average HR: 162bpm, maximum HR: 173bpm. Winner: ?

Sunday was Willesden CC‘s annual John and Dulcie Walker Memorial Road Races. The event was moved from Cheddington to Hillingdon because of police intervention. I rode the 3rd and 4th cat event and lasted 10 miles (covered in 23:16) in the bunch before shelled out. I was the only rider dropped all day and DNF’ed after 13 miles. The fast second mile really showed up my lack of strength and speed. It was good to be in a smooth bunch though. The race was won by a breakaway that just hung on at the finish.

Thanks to organiser ‘Jumbo’ James and his team for a great event. I videoed both races and will add some links later if the footage is worth it. UPDATE: 3/4 cat race on YouTube, E123s later.

Race stats: (for the bit I did!) Race distance: 13.34 miles, time: 33.08 (24.2mph average speed). DNF. Top speed: 32.9mph. Fastest mile: 2:10 (27.7mph – mile 2), slowest mile: 3:05 (19.5mph – mile 12). Average HR: 162bpm, maximum HR: 169bpm. Winner: Tom Morris (Cambridge Uni CC)