>Good news – Training is over rated

>Five weeks since the last race. Landed back in the UK Tuesday night. A couple of road rides to get used to the bike again. Race today.

I was expecting to be dropped early, but in fact I hung on to the end of High Wycombe CC’s Hillingdon criterium and felt stronger as the race progressed. This training thing is over-hyped I reckon.

Having said that I sat on the back of the bunch the whole way. This is a habit I need to get out of.

Race stats: Race distance: 24.92 miles, time: 1:0:27 (24.7mph average speed). Top speed: 30.8mph. Fastest mile: 2:17 (26.3mph – miles 3, 6 and 11), slowest mile: 2:39 (22.6mph – mile 7). Average HR: 160bpm, maximum HR: 171bpm. Winner: ?