>Gregarios Superclub Ciclista circuit race

>Gregarios Superclub Ciclista – isn’t that a great name. Good club too. Unfortunately my performance did not grace their turn at running the Tuesday night criterium at Hillingdon last night.

I sat at the back of the group feeling a bit sorry for myself (no training for a while) for about 15 miles. I was keeping up all right – just not moving forward to make things easier in what was quite a fast race by recent 4th cat standards. I was trying to will the ‘3 laps to go’ board to appear when I heard a clang as my rim hit the tarmac – puncture. I rolled to the side, only to discover that I had imagined the whole thing: the tyre was as sound as a pound.

So, an embarrassing DNF for my last race.

Race stats: Race distance (for me): 15.22 miles, time: 36:16 (25.2mph average speed). DNF. Top speed: 29.3mph. Fastest mile: 2:15 (26.7 – mile 10), slowest mile: 2:27 (24.5mph – miles 8 and 11). Average HR: 160bpm, maximum HR: 167bpm. Winner: Karl Norfolk (Pedalon.co.uk)