>At least it wasn’t a ‘3’

>Back to Padworth for the second day of the Newbury RC weekend. I really hate 5:30am alarms, but it was a fantastic day to wake up to – warm and STILL.

The start was a lot easier on Sunday and I was hoping to push for a better time. In the end I finished with a 1:02:09 – not bad, but without the heavy legs from yesterday I might have gone 10 seconds faster.

The first and last 10 miles of the course were the same as Saturday’s ’10’. On Saturday I did 24:21, on Sunday I did 24:35 for the first pass and 24:55 for the second. Those times reflect a general slowing down as the race progressed. My HR was depressed by the previous day’s efforts, but I still felt pretty strong.

Race stats: 25 miles in 1:02:09 (24.14mph). 19th out of 40 finishers. Slowest mile (16): 2:41 (22.36mph). Fastest mile (6): 2:15 (26.67mph). Top speed: 29.8mph. First 12.5 miles: 30:50 next 12.5 miles: 31:19. Max heart rate: 159bpm, average HR: 153bpm. Winner: Steve Golla (Sigma Sport) 52:23.