>Willesden CC circuit race

>I’m getting lazy.

I’ve stopped panicking about getting dropped in these Tuesday night circuit races. When this first happened I attacked more. Now I sit at the back of the bunch and trail the bunch up the finishing straight. Part of this is the need to recover from the weekend’s racing, but part of it is falling into a deadening routine at this time of season. I need to set a few targets to challenge myself more – three attacks a race or similar.

In last night’s Willesden CC promoted event I did have a go with a lap to go. I was lucky – I was sat on the back on the outside of the bunch in the back straight. The wheel I was following went forward and I went with it. As we hit the bottom of the home straight he pulled left and I let fly up to the finish line and the bell. A few metres later my heart rate hit maximum and they all came past me, but at least I’d had a go. The sprint was as mad as ever.

Race stats: Race distance: 19.22 miles, time: 47:04 (24.5mph average speed). 32nd of 36 finishers. Top speed: 29.5mph. Fastest mile: 2:19 (25.9mph – mile 4), slowest mile: 2:46 (21.7mph – 1st mile). Average HR: 154bpm, maximum HR: 175bpm. Winner: Mark Paul (London Phoenix)

The race was 1 mph slower than last week’s effort. Despite this my AHR was higher – I’ve probably still got Sunday’s’50’ in my legs.