>Middlesex RC circuit race

>After a fortnight away it was time to return to Hillingdon for the Middlesex RC Tuesday evening circuit race.

There were probably about forty 4th cats in a very evenly paced race. I was glad of the smoothness – my legs are still a bit beaten up after Sunday’s race and I’d spent 7 hours on the train to Brum and back earlier in the day.

I had a go just before the E123 race passed us and stayed away with another rider for a couple of laps. Unfortunately the effort to break away left me in so much oxygen debt that I couldn’t maintain the pace.

For once I was involved in the acceleration for the sprint (some very dubious riding going on) and was even close enough to the front to see the winner cross the line. I was outside the top 10 though.

Race stats ?/?. Race distance: 17.23 miles, time: 42:52 (24.1mph average speed). Top speed: 29.9mph. Fastest mile: 2:17 (26.3mph – last mile), slowest mile: 2:39 (22.6mph – 10th mile). Average HR: 154bpm, maximum HR: 173bpm. Winner: ?