>Hounslow 10 and High Wycombe 25

>Hounslow and District Wheelers 10m TT

Saturday 16th May – Farnham course (H10/8)

A breezy day, reflected in the uneven splits. I was caught by my minute man in two miles, but caught my minute man after four. The last two miles were very fast. My final time was 24:36 – second fastest for donkeys’ years and a bit of a surprise. Perhaps my new front wheel is magic.

Race stats: 10 miles in 24:36 (24.39mph). 35th out of 69 finishers. Slowest mile (2): 3:11 (18.85mph). Fastest mile (10): 1:52 (32.14mph). Top speed: 35.6mph. First 5 miles: 14:17, next 5 miles: 10:19. Max heart rate: 169bpm, average HR: 163bpm. Winner: Ben Instone (www.scientific-coaching.com) 20:02.


Some b**t**d broke into our car, smashing the passenger side window. They took nothing – nothing to take. Why? There arer plenty of posher cars in the street. Hours later we’re still waiting for Autoglass to get here. Come on guys.

Anyways… Pat very kindly agreed to get up at 6am and drive me to the…

High Wycombe CC 25m TT

Sunday 17th May – Marlow course (H25/2)

Another breezy day, though it was less clear which direction was best for most of the course. At least the rain held off until I’d finished. It did p**s down for the whole drive home. Did I mention we haven’t got a side window?

I started badly – the slowest I’ve ever ridden down the ski slope I think. The hardest mile was past the Henley junction. It got faster towards the turn (and therefore slow off the turn). The last couple of miles were well rapid.

Not surprisingly perhaps, I never properly engaged with the ride. Still, a 1:3:20 is the fastest of the year. Big “Thank you” to Pat.

Race stats: 25 miles in 1:3:20 (23.68mph). 36th out of 55 finishers. Slowest mile (6): 3:11 (18.85mph). Fastest mile (1): 1:59 (30.25mph). Top speed: 34.7mph. First 12.5 miles: 32:15, next 12.5 miles: 31:05. Max heart rate: 163bpm, average HR: 156bpm. Winner: Richard Simmonds (London Dynamo) 52:24.

Next week: The Welsh 25 Championship support event.