>Kenton RC circuit race

>Hillingdon cycle circuit Tuesday night 4th category circuit race organised by Kenton RC

A fun ride, but a disappointing race. It was fun because I was recovered enough from Sunday’s epic to take an active part. It was disappointing because two important parts of the race were distorted by the Elite, 1st, 2nd and 3rd category race lapping us. The first time they passed us a small break from our race was dragged away on their coat tails, establishing a bigger gap then they otherwise might have done. We never saw those ten riders (i.e. all of the points on offer) again. The second time the E123s passed us was on the line at the bell, which meant we were sprinting into the back of the bunch – most people wisely sat up.

C’est la vie. It was a good hard work out with riders getting shelled out all of the time and plenty of gaps to bridge.

Race stats ?/?. Race distance: 16.22 miles, time: 40:56 (23.8mph average speed). Top speed: 31.2mph. Fastest mile: 2:18 (26.1mph – 9th mile), slowest mile: 2:39 (5th mile). Average HR: 157bpm, maximum HR: 171bpm. Winner: Chris Snook (Banjo Cycles.com).

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