>Charlotteville CC 50m TT


Up early to head back to Bentley for the 80th Charlotteville CC 50m TT. I was still feeling pretty washed out after yesterday’s effort. How can a ’10’ do that to you?

The wind was lighter than yesterday with a 180 degree change in direction. The tailwind start cheered me up and I set a tempo I thought (hoped) I could maintain. I was wrong.

I did a 2:8:24 ’50’ last year with almost identical half way splits. Today I went through 25 miles in 1:4:10… and then had a little collapse. Despite drinking the magic stuff, I was running on empty. There was also some vomiting – cack!

Anyways, I rolled round for a 1:6:9 second half and a final score of 2:10:19 (5th fastest ever). I was quite pleased to limit my losses to 2 minutes.

After the race I felt like death. My hamstrings cramped, it was hard to eat – pathetic. I hung around long enough to make sure that I could drive safely and then headed for home. A bath seemed to sort things out and the hunger has now kicked in. So, a bit of an epic and a decent-ish ride dug out of a potential DNF. All in all a pretty good weekend.

The photo is from this excellent collection.

Race stats: 50 miles in 2:10:19 (23.02mph). 47 out of 77 finishers. Slowest mile (48): 2:58 (20.22mph). Fastest mile (3): 2:19 (25.90mph). Top speed: 34.6mph. First 25 miles: 1:4:10, next 25 miles: 1:6:09. Max heart rate: 163bpm, average HR: 153bpm. Winner: Laurence Harding (Shorter Rochford RT) 1:47:50.