>Confused of Dunsfold

>I made a late decision to ride a Surrey League / Imperial Racing Team circuit race at Dunsfold Aerodrome today. The fact it was a 4th category only race appealed. They still dropped me though.

There was rain when I set out. And wind. I hate the wind.

I decided to rely on the sat nav to get me there. Mistake. It took me along a 5 mile, single track road and then up a muddy track in a wood. B*st*rd. I’m being bullied by a TomTom now. I eventually found the venue, signed on and the rain stopped. But the wind rose.

The circuit is three miles, pan flat, wide and has no technical corners. It could have been designed for me. A field of about 60 set out and I sat in 58th position keeping an eye on everyone. Only after about 10 miles of sitting too far back did I start to move up. Two miles later I was dropped.

There was a small acceleration and I couldn’t hold it. It was the first burst of the race and I should have been able to hang on fine – I was mid-bunch when the surge started, so there was time to react. But my legs felt shot.

Wednesday’s Team Quest race had several much faster bursts before I was detached. On Thursday I coped with some really big efforts at the Prime Coaching session at Hillingdon. But today I seemed to be running on empty. I need to do more work on top end anaerobic efforts. Or just try harder.

I kept going for a few laps (that headwind stretch was a real killer on your own) until I was lapped and then pulled out. Two DNFs in a row now – not good.

Race stats (for the bit I did): DNF. Race distance: 23.87 miles, time: 1:7:15 (21.3mph average speed). Top speed: 31.1mph. Fastest mile: 2:14 (26.9mph – 9th mile), slowest mile: 3:45 (16mph – 17th mile. I told you it was a bad headwind). Average HR: 149bpm (very low – easy early laps), maximum HR: 167bpm. Winner: ?

I’m riding a club 25m TT tomorrow afternoon. I hope my legs feel better than this.