>Team Quest LVRC Circuit Race / a new play

>I’m going to be working Wednesday nights soon, so this might have been last chance to ride one of these Team Quest LVRC crits at Hillingdon. Probably a good job given my performance!

All of the age-related categories start in one bunch and there were some top riders in there. After two days off the bike I was feeling a bit ‘off’, which didn’t help. It was a big bunch and I was nervous. I gradually edged my way to the back. I know this is a bad thing, but I find it difficult to mix it at speed. After a series of accelerations I was dropped after five miles. I did a couple of laps solo and then was invited to stop and rejoin the bunch, which I did for another couple of laps. Dropped again, I rolled around for a few laps before packing. Only my second DNF of the season.

The performance wasn’t great, but it was my negativity that disappointed me. It was as if I pre-failed the race.

Race stats (for the bit I did): DNF. Race distance: 15.2 miles, time: 39:27 (23.1mph average speed). Top speed: 31.6mph. Fastest mile: 2:11 (27.5mph – 3rd, 4th and 11th miles), slowest mile: 2:54 (8th mile). Average HR: 161bpm, maximum HR: 170bpm. Winner: Colin Roshier (Team Quest)


Some good news though: I’ve been commissioned to write a 10 minute play. I’ve written it and it has been delivered.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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