>Prime Coaching circuit race

>Hillingdon Tuesday 4th cat race #2. I will miss the next two of these because of working in Birmingham so I was glad to line up for last night’s race.

It was a slightly longer race than last week’s and quite a bit faster. This made for safer racing and I didn’t notice a crash in either race. The 4th cat race was full of attempts to get away with only a couple of respites when the E123s passed us. I bridged a gap to one break (which was then caught) and had a dig off the front – a much better work out than last week. We didn’t get a 3 lap countdown this week, just the bell. I was still gasping from half a lap on the front and was tailed off in the finale. Probably about 25th out of 30.

Race stats: Approx 25th out of 30 finishers. Race distance: 13.4 miles, time: 33:36 (23.9mph average speed). Top speed: 30.8mph. Fastest mile: 2:22 (25.4mph – 9th mile), slowest mile: 2:34 (11th and 13th miles). Average HR: 162bpm, maximum HR: 174bpm. Winner: ?

I’m supposed to be riding a 10m TT at Hillingdon tonight, but my legs are arguing against it. I’ve got two races this weekend and the sensible thing is to ease back in preparation. Or am I being lazy?…