>Good Friday – another 10m TT

>To the splendidly named Kingston Bagpuize for the High Wycombe CC Lesley Cole 10m TT. In which I am disappointed with a season’s best and humiliated by a tourist.

A still-ish morning with showers threatening but actually staying dry for the warm up and the race. It’s a fairly flat course with an excellent road surface. The roads were damp which always seems to make the bike go better (to float, perhaps).

I tried to start sensibly and, this time, pretty much managed it. I’d trained quite hard last night and could still feel the session in my legs. But I was going all right. At eight miles I began to flag a bit, but everything was under control as I passed the guy just out a ride. And then he sat on my wheel for the last two miles. He was wearing a rucsac. He just sat there. You shouldn’t do that. It was like the Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse jockeys sketch.

I finished with the usual gasping of number, spray of snot and clang of chain onto inner ring. The guy switched out, passed me and said “Well done”, which was nice I suppose. Humilation complete. I’ve no idea who he was, but he had the word ‘Triathlon’ printed on the back of his shorts.

25:50 is a season’s best but I should have gone faster. It was a good course and an ideal day.

Race stats: 10 miles in 25:50 (23.23mph). 70 out of 87 finishers (gawd). Slowest mile (6): 2:49 (21.30mph). Fastest mile (7): 2:21 (25.53mph). Top speed: 28.9mph. First 5 miles: 13:05, last 5 miles: 12:45. Max heart rate: 165bpm, average HR: 157bpm (low, probably because of last night’s training). Winner: Adrian Lansley (North Hants RC) 20:38.