>Bath Road CC Circuit Race

>The Hillingdon Tuesday night series has started again. I signed up last year, paid the series registration fee and then only rode one event. This year I plan to ride at least two.

About 30 of us 4th cats set off half a lap away from the 60 or so Elites, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cats in cold and beezy conditions. The E123s had a bit of a demolition derby while we were pretty steady (despite one or two ‘interesting’ moves). My pre-race plan was to wait until the last lap and give it all. In the end I waited only half a lap and then burnt a match leading the bunch into the headwind-scoured back straight. I never saw the front again, though I did stick with the bunch until the end. I was ready to move up on the last lap but it never happened. I got out of the way of everyone who shouted for a gap and ended up riding for, say, 28th place or so. Next week…

Race stats: Approx 28th out of 30 finishers. Race distance: 10.4 miles, time: 26:37 (23.4mph average speed). Fastest mile: 2:24 (25.0mph – 9th mile), slowest mile: 2:39 (4th and 5th miles). Average HR: 151bpm (not trying hard enough), maximum HR: 169bpm. Winner: Daniel Hayes, VC Lincoln.