>Stratford Upon Avon CC 10m TT

>I’d had my entry returned from an event and entered the Stratford ’10’ on impulse. I’m glad I did, though it’s further than I’d usually drive for an event. I’d ridden a 25m version of the course near Alcester a few years ago and a warm up over the whole course confirmed that it’s pretty level all the way round. The warm up also confirmed blue skies and a gusty cross wind.

I thought it would be slightly easier going out, but the numbers suggest it was pretty even all the way round. I did fold slightly in the last couple of miles though. My time was 26:16 which is a season’s best.

Race stats: 10 miles in 26:16 (22.84mph). 49th out of 68 finishers (not so good). Slowest mile (10): 2:52 (20.93mph). Fastest mile (2): 2:30 (24.00mph). First 5 miles: 12:55, last 5 miles: 13:21. Max heart rate: 170bpm, average HR: 162bpm. Winner: Richard Bradley (Shorter Rochford RT) 20:29.

I was pleased because the effects of the cold seem to be clearing and it was my first race since having a professional bike fit. The fit was not really justified in terms of my ability, but I was fed up with tweaking my position on the bike hopefully rather than scientifically. The fit session (at Sigma Sport Cycles) used science and experience to try and fix a problem I have with my feet ‘rolling outwards’. My cleats were set too far forward, which may have exacerbated the problem. The set up was for my road bike – I’ve adjusted the TT bike to reflect those changes. I certainly feel a lot more balanced on the bike and it’s much easier to maintain a cadence now.

Next Friday I am riding a ’10’ near Oxford and my target will be a long 25.