>Spring Chicken – not

>Today was my first road race for a long, long time. It lasted a short, short time. I was too near the back in the neutralised zone and when it all kicked off I slipped ungracefully into no man’s land. Two laps of soloing later I called it a day and headed for the tea and cakes (which were excellent).

It was a nice day, a good circuit and I warmed up well… why did I get dropped straight away? I’m not fast enough, that’s why. I did some 30 second intervals on Wednesday and struggled to maintain any power at all – the signs were there. If I want to road race (I have no other road races scheduled for a while) I need to train on the specifics – repeated hard accelerations for one. Circuit racing is a good grounding in some of the skills, but road racing is even more various in its demands.

I’m shattered. It’s been a hard week of training. I think I’ll head out for the club run tomorrow and do some cycling for fun rather than amassing training stress points.

Thanks to the Hemel Hempstead CC and friends for organising the Spring Chicken Road Race (and the Roy Thame Cup in the afternoon).