>Today’s race was a London Dynamo / Surrey League event at Chertsey. It’s a great circuit – about 2 miles long and plenty of variety. I was sure that I’d be out of the back straight away but the ‘training race’ format made sure that I was warmed up and had tried a few different ways of attacking the gradients and corners before the 20 mile race began in earnest.

The race pace was more even than at Hillingdon and I was okay until the last lap. I didn’t fancy mixing it on the final twisting descent and finished just off the back.

The winner of the race was Steven Jarsall (Sigma Sport). The race stats were: position – 57th of 68 finishers, race distance – 19.76 miles, my race time – 50:00, average speed – 23.7mph, average HR – 143bpm, maximum HR – 163bpm, top speed – 34.8mph (the 15th mile), fastest mile (the 10th) – 2:18 (26.1mph), slowest mile (the 1st) – 2:50 (21.2mph). That average HR is very low by recent standards.

Next week the time trials start. My Winter of circuit racing has made me more resilient, I think, so I shouldn’t be so floored by climbing and starting efforts this season. However, the last week has seen a drop off in training load, so I’m still not properly fit. I guess we’ll see. Sunday’s event is the West London Combine 10m TT on the Maidenhead Thicket course. Last year I did a 28:02. It will be interesting to put down a marker for the rest of the year.