>Made me laugh. 2009 targets

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Hillingdon Cycle Circuit was covered in slush and water today. If it freezes overnight it could be tricky for tomorrow’s race. Sunday’s Hemel Hempstead reliability trial has already been cancelled.

I’ve been working on some targets for next season. By the end of the year I will…

  • Ride a PB for a 25m TT – 59:06 or better
    • sub-goal – break the hour
    • sub-goal – PB (last 3 seasons) 1:1:20
  • Ride a PB for a 10m TT – 23:36 or better
    • sub-goal – break 24 minutes
    • sub-goal – PB (LTS) 24:49
  • Ride a PB for a 50m TT – 2:4:35 or better
    • sub-goal – PB (LTS) 2:8:23
  • Score a point in a road or circuit race
  • Finish a 100m TT
  • Ride the Welsh CA 12 hour TT
  • Finish the majority of open events in the top third of finishers (currently I’m stuck in the last third). A sub-goal will be to make the top half of finishers.

I know that the present day equivalents of my PBs (from the 70s and 80s) would be faster now, but I think these targets are achievable – an important aspect of SMART targets. There are too many targets here, but the first two will be my focus and I hope the others will spin off from those.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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