>Winter Series race 7

>The fastest race of the series so far (24.2mph average). This was partly because it was a rare wind-free day at Hillingdon. Still cold mind.

I was there at the end again. I’m going to have to accept finishing in the bunch as a new base line and start to think more progressively. As it was, I slipped back through the group on the last lap because of all the ‘nervousness’ going on. As we hit the bottom corner I decided to ‘sprint’ to pick up a few places. My ‘sprinting’ involved carefully picking my way past the blokes who had sat up, but it was a bit of fun. Final position – 35th out of 43.

Some stats: top speed=29.9mph; average heart rate=161bpm; maximum heart rate=175bpm; fastest mile (the last one)=2:20=25.7mph; slowest mile (the first one)=2:43=22.1mph.

My HR was probably a bit high because I can’t kick this chest trouble. I can breath okay, but it all feels a bit raw once the racing stops.

The race was won by Miles Stovold of Dulwich Paragon.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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