>A nice day

>Such a rarity! Sunshine, warmth and a light breeze. Off to the North Hants RC ’25’ at Bentley.

After four weeks off racing I was feeling race-rusty, but raring to go. I arrived a couple of hours before the start (how long do you build into a journey for the M25 factor?), so plenty of time to warm up and get used to the TT bike again. I needed it as well – the PX handles well, but it takes a bit of practice to master looking over your shoulder while holding a straight line.

At the finish I did another 1:3 (1:3:20 this time). I might have lost a bit of time in the middle of the race when I lost concentration and I was certainly hanging on for the last few miles. Richard Prebble won the event in 51:24.

Four or five races to go.

Tomorrow I’m the first-aider at the Archer RC cyclo-cross. If you’re riding, please don’t fall off.