>Saturday was a scorcher. I was operating the photo finish equipment at Hillingdon and got sunburnt, even though I was mostly in the shade of the hut. The riders were really suffering in the heat.

So I was looking forward to today (Sunday). The forecast was for a light wind and I was down to ride the Alton CC ’25’ on the Farnham course. I drove down before dawn and it was looking good (a little misty perhaps). Alas, the mist turned to dense fog and the start was delayed for an hour (not before I’d ‘warmed up’, getting soaked and cold in the process). The fog started to lift, so I warmed up again and arrived at the start to be greeted by lightning, thunder and rain.

The event had started, but I was unhappy with the conditions. I had no rear light and visibility was poor. With a few minutes to go I decided to DNS. I rarely do this. I hate to back away from a challenge. But it was a judgment call. Two weeks ago I rode in atrocious conditions on the same course and, in retrospect, thought it was taking too much of a risk. I suspect it will have been a fast day, but too late to go back now (must work out how to fit a back light to the funny bike).

EDIT: discussion about the event (others opted out as well) at the time trialling forum here.

I have a long lay off now (made longer by the above). I next plan to race on 20th September – perhaps 5 or 6 more races before the end of the season.