>Class will out! – EDITED

>Congratulations to Nicole Cooke on her Olympic Gold Medal. When I came back into cycling a couple of years ago I couldn’t believe that we had a British World Beater of such class. And now she’s an Olympic Champion – brilliant.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale…

Wednesday: VTTA London and Home Counties 10m TT on the Fifield circuit – 26:32. A hot dry day and I got the slopes all wrong. Graham Weeks won it in 22:30.

Saturday: http://www.agiskoviner.com 25m TT on a variant of the Farnham course – 1:6:33. A windy wet day. It wasn’t much fun out there. Paul Mill won it in 53:39.

Sunday: Finsbury Park CC 25m TT on the A1/Tempsford course – 1:7:25. Windy but dry. I can’t believe that I went so slow. I used my best wheels, but I don’t think I made good enough use of the tail wind stretches. Conditions weren’t ideal, but I think they were a lot better than the day before. I left before the end, so I’m not sure who won. EDIT: Winner – James Heaton in 55:12. Paul Mill went back 2 minutes from yesterday.

I had hoped that results would pick up this week – I’ve finished a course of antibiotics and I’ve been going strongly in training. I’m beginning to think that two events in two days is too much for me at the moment.

Next week was meant to be a club 25m TT, but I might take a week off racing and try and change the training regime a little to shake things up.

Anyway, the good thing about Sunday’s race was the 6:32am start (not something I’d normally say). It meant I got home in time to see the last two laps of the Women’s Road Race in Beijing (see above).