>My revs are low. The data from this weekend’s races show that I’m revving at around 80rpm and some of the harder mile splits are near 70rpm. Something to work on.

Something else to work on is this photograph taken at last weekend’s ’10’ (thanks Derek). It looks like I’m sat in a hole! I’m going to try raising the saddle a little.

This weekend’s races took place between showers. I did get a little wet in the warm up for Saturday’s 10m TT near Farnham, but apart from that I stayed dry.

I ended up riding a 25:42 for the Charlotteville CC ’10’ – second best time of the season, but disappointing. The headwind out to the turn was a little heavier than advertised and I never made up the ground that I lost (14:02 out. 11:40 back). The average cadence was 79rpm (range 73-86).

Sunday was the West London CA ’25’ on the Marlow course. It seemed still, but the outward leg was hard despite the ski jump start (miles 1 and 2 where ridden in 1:53 and 1:55 respectively). I ended up with my third fastest time of the season – 1:3:17. I had thought that I might go faster, but the time looked like ‘par’ compared to other riders. Martin Smith won in 52:46. Revs averaged 81rpm with a range between 73 and 98 (the latter for the first mile).

This week I have a veterans ’10’ on Wednesday and two ’25’s at the weekend.