>Get over it. Get on with it.

>There’s too much whingeing going on here. The times aren’t great, but what can be done?

Equipment: Plenty good enough for my standard. Checked the bike on Monday and found the back brake was rubbing. Idiot. Make sure things like that are checked in future.

Health: Good. But check that niggling bits and pieces are okay. Went to the doctor and he prescribed antibiotics for a jaw infection – sorted. I’m getting physio for the back – sorted. I’ve got a new insole for the right shoe to see if that helps the knee problem – so far, so good.

Style: I move about too much on the bike trying to heave a big gear over. Pedal faster and ride smoother. I’ve now installed a cadence unit so that I can monitor this. Think smooth!

Position: Keith Shorten took these photos at Saturday’s ’10’ (thanks Keith). I think I look low and long enough. That jersey, though, looks like a sail. I was a lot heavier when I bought it. Perhaps a skin suit would be a wise next investment.

Enjoyment: It’s been a long season. On Wednesday I went training in the countryside for the first time in months. It may have been slow, but it was enjoyable. I’ve also cut down the miles this week: a) as a crude taper and b) to stop beating myself up about effort.

Now I need to get on with it.