>Two days, two races, too much

>I rode two 25 mile TTs this weekend. Saturday was breezy. I used my new TT bike for the first time. I felt okay, but never really got going. I finished up with a 1:3:03, which was disappointing.

If Saturday was a bit nnnf, Sunday was even nnnfier. The Amersham Road course rises to the turn and has a really dead road surface for most of its length. The slight headwind made things even more difficult. I was fast on the way home, but it was too late to save the ride. I recorded a 1:6:34 – a big step backwards. It was won in an amazing 56+ minutes.

I need a change. This week is work busy, which will mean a natural scaling down of training. But I’m a bit off mentally as well. Perhaps some easier riding on Tuesday will help.