>A little faster

>I did an hour and twenty minutes solo at Hillingdon yesterday evening. I got caught in a hailstorm, so was not feeling at my best when the hour of group work started. However, these few days of enforced rest seem to have had a ‘training effect’. My heart rate, which has been depressed for weeks, edged up towards maximum as we rode some hard through and off. As the group was depleted and the pace increased I was able to hang in there until the last of my matches was burnt. Looking at the figures afterwards, speed was high and heart rate was (appropriately) high. The average speed for the 44 miles was about 18s, but there was a sustained patch of 21-22mph lapping, which is good for me in training.

An easy day today, then the Hillingdon CC 25 tomorrow and the VTTA 10 on Monday. Let’s hope I recover in time.