>King of snot

>I’ve had a mild cold, but do I get any sympathy? Do I b*ll*x!

Of course I don’t. If you don’t train you don’t get how annoying it is to a) lose training time, b) lose races and c) lose form. A week’s whingeing and sniffling may set me back a month. I’m really disappointed to lose yesterday’s 25m TT – it looked like a good day.

Feeling better today, but still no lungs to speak of. I did an hour at ‘village policeman’ pace on the turbo yesterday and didn’t get a reaction (apart from near cramp in my hamstrings – why?). Today I may go for a country lane wander with P – she’ll help keep my pace sensible. Monday is a commuting and work day, so I guess (ABW) serious training starts again on Tuesday morning.

I’m thinking of upgrading my time trial frame but the variables (geometry, materials, weight, price…) are very confusing. We’re not a time trialling club, so it’s difficult to get advice.