>Sunday’s 25 mile TT was a consolidation I suppose. A cold, windy morning with rain threatening. It was won in a short 53 and there were a couple of 54s as well. I did a 1:8:48 which left me almost last. I was two minutes slower than last week, but it was a tough day. I’m still struggling with the TT bike when the road goes up. The good thing is I didn’t get a bad reaction afterwards – no cramp.

I took Sunday off to marshal all day (really sunny) at the Twickenham road races in Surrey. Monday was a long work day with no bike time. Today I’ve come down with a cold. B*m! It feels as if I’m going to lose all of the training benefit I’ve built up. Let’s hope it’s a three day wonder and that I’m fit again for Saturday’s race (or even tomorrow’s).