>Talking shop

>It was nice, the other day, to chat with a playwright who called round to the house – it makes me realise how rare an event this is nowadays. I’ve got out of the theatre mix since moving here, and the conversations that provoke and sustain have largely ceased. The house move has triggered this, but I’ve let it happen. Whether I have the desire to get communications going again remains to be seen.

This blog, which was an effort to create new conversations, now seems redundant. I tried to close it down before, but vanity intervened. But vanity is not a sustainable engine for someone who dresses like me. So I think this is the last post.

2 thoughts on “>Talking shop

  1. >Hello Lance. If this is your last post, I’m sorry to hear it. I enjoy your musings. But keep in touch anyhow. Finally handed my first draft in to Birmingham the other day. I guess we’re about as likely to run into one another there as we are in London. Good luck with things! All the best, Phil

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