>Taking a (self-administered) kicking

>Matt Seaton writes in The Guardian about grace and style in cycling. I’ve been lucky this past few weeks – I’ve been riding well. I’ve had to cut back on rides because of other commitments, but this means that I’m rested and ready to go when I do get out. Until yesterday …

I had planned to go on a Sunday club run – 70+ miles in a group. But the forecast was bad, so I thought that I would take the easy option and go for a solo ride yesterday. I had a pulled muscle in my back, but who needs a back to ride a bike?

From the start I was riding awkwardly (pedalling squares they call it). After an hour I was struggling to find a comfortable position. After two hours I was having to stop every 30-40 minutes to unlock my back. And then it started to rain. And the traffic was bad. And the back muscle spasms were making breathing awkward. I cut the last part of the ride and limped back after 60 miles. Still a long ride for me, but short of what I had wanted.

At least I had burned some calories (still struggling to make the weight), but, feeling sorry for myself, I went to the chippy for my tea. The perfect end …

This morning my back is locked and my eyes are bloodshot. But the weather is bad. I bet no one turns up for the club run.

2 thoughts on “>Taking a (self-administered) kicking

  1. >The EASY option?? Limped back after *60 miles*?? Blimey Charlie, that’s hardcore. Bet your bike doesn’t have a basket on the front like mine, though.

  2. >Yeah, I’m happy that I can complete that sort of distance at all given my condition in the Spring. Keep following that basket – take care.

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