>A good week.

On Tuesday and Thursday at Birmingham City University we had director Jenny Stephens and actors Jo Moseley and Lewis Harwood coming in to lead workshops for the students. It was great to work with Jenny again – she encouraged me when I was starting out, commissioned my first main stage work and directed a couple of the early ones.

On Friday I had a workshop at Birmingham Rep on the latest draft of Rolling News. Caroline Jester directed Andy Hockley, John Flitcroft, Ali Carney, Daniel Settatree and Jo Moseley (again) – what a good company they were. It was an intensive day, with the play creaking under the strain of their attention. It was a really valuable few hours – it tested the play and re-enthused me for the project. I now wait for considered feedback.

I got home late on Friday to find the building work finished and all the crap from the back of the house in a skip outside. The only downers on the week were a) paying the builder and b) a tax bill that seems very high. How much is a lottery ticket?