>The wall goes up

After the wall coming down, the new one is beginning to go up. The picture of the work in progress has been distorted by the image stitching software, but I like the effect. Today the rest of the roof comes off.

The building work has been accompanied by flooding and more bad news about foundations and wet rot. However, now we’re at that punch drunk stage, where you just want it to finish.

Despite the noise and regular tea making duties I delivered the latest full draft of the Birmingham Rep play on Monday. I haven’t re-read it yet, but feel the weight. We hope to have a day’s work on it at the theatre soon.

The Climb had an unexpected outing this week. Birmingham City University re-opened their library with a series of readings from writers (including Jim Crace) and an extract from The Climb featured (I teach at BCU, formerly UCE). Apparently it went down well.