>Words fail me

>We went to see The Emperor Jones at the National on Saturday, intrigued by blog reports like this, this and this. It’s a fantastic third act (1 and 2 are precised in an opening duologue) – a real runaway train demanding, and getting, an exceptional performance from Paterson Joseph as Brutus Jones. It’s my first theatre for a while, and I’m glad I went – it was unexpected, troubling and exciting.

I write theatre rather than anything else because words fail me. I’m not good at expressing myself (you’ll have gathered this). Theatre is bigger – it communicates MORE. I wanted to make theatre as an actor, but I’m too slow – I don’t think quickly enough. Actually, I reckon I do think quickly, but my internal censor fucks it up (see Keith Johnstone on the personal secret policeman in Impro). By writing theatre I can enable theatre artists to work at the speed of thought (stolen from DE).