>Norman Holiday

>We’ve been to Normandy for a week.

This is a picture of me being sunburned and pointing at a church for no good reason – which is what I like to do on a holiday …

We were based near the middle of nowhere, so there was plenty of opportunity to write. I started the Birmingham play again from the beginning – it’s surprisingly different – much lighter in tone. I must go on holiday more often.

We also went to Mont St. Michel to look at the alligators. This global warming’s a caution, isn’t it.

We wasted a lot of time scouring restaurant menus for vegetarian options. How the French laughed. I once ordered a ‘vegetarian special’ pizza which, it turns out, means a ham pizza with slightly less ham than normal on it.

We returned to not much post and hundreds of emails. One of the few that stood out was notice of Miniaturists 9 from Cap’n Sharkey. It’s on at The Arcola on Sunday September 30th.

The next six or seven months look hectic. I’m glad we managed to get away when we did.

About lancewoodman

Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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