>Great to see The Sopranos back on the TV last night. There were some intriguing set ups. There is such joy in watching US drama of this quality (though I have failed to engage with Heroes and Lost).

We’re just back from another family wedding – this time in Liverpool (plus a night at the Widnes Travelodge). Luckily P’s family are a little less intense than T’s. The Red’s 6-0 victory made at least half the room happy – and the Blue’s won as well I believe.

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  1. >”the Blues won as well, I believe” – damn straight they did, the two Merseyside teams heading the league! The Sopranos – isn’t it. Heroes and Lost I like too, but they’re aimed at kids and kidults, whereas with the Sopranos we have stories – and dialogue – that stand comparison with the best dramas written for a mature audience.

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