>Well that was nice

>I needed a break.

After The Climb and Kind of Dark – both positive experiences in themselves – I was pretty drawn out. The Climb got a kicking on the BBC Message Boards and there was a chance of me getting very negative very quickly. So I went to another place, and it’s been a different sort of Summer. I am physically fitter, the house looks better and there are new qualifications on the horizon.

But now playwriting beckons again. There’s another deadline on the horizon and, to help the necessary change of state, there’s been an enquiry about an older play. Hurray.

As with all deadlines there’s been a lot of displacement in the build up. For the last few days I have been rebuilding the office, continuing unpacking (we’ve only been here a year), filing and form filling (the tax return is still to come though). I suppose the blog is part of the same process – trying to creep up on the writing without it noticing.

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