>A week in radio

>On Thursday I’m off to Birmingham for the recording of The Climb, my radio dramadoc destined for Radio 4’s Afternoon Play slot on July 4th. Soweto Kinch‘s music has been commissioned and will be recorded soon after. Soweto’s musings on moments of transcendence have been recorded (produced by Rosie Boulton) and edited into the script. The drama producer Peter Leslie Wild has cast Paul Clarkson and John Flitcroft as Clive and Billy. All I have to do is cart my bike to the studio and watch them work. Looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is my first full session with the pupils in Tottenham. I’ll spend a lot of today working out how the session might go. Wednesday is the two Birkbeck sessions. Friday will be in Brum again to pick up marking. Busy-ish week.

I see that Hampstead are about to produce the follow up to Nell Leyshon‘s Comfort Me With Apples. I had hoped it would be called Pleasure Me With a Banana, but it’s actually titled Glass Eels. Should be worth a look.