>An odyssette

>We had a family wedding to go to in Worcester at the weekend. This became slightly more fraught when the deadline for the Birmingham play was moved (because I was late delivering) to the Monday morning (today!).

As we were going to THE NORTH (as the signposts say) we thought we’d go via Sheffield and Chester.

Thursday: to Sheffield. We visit family and see Fin Kennedy‘s How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found at the Crucible (which is great) before a stopover at the beautiful Ibis hotel (views of the gyratory system). Some people think the answer to “how to disappear completely and never be found” is “have a regional production”, but in fact it is “try and follow the road signs in Sheffield city centre”.

Friday: first to Chester. A drive across the Peak through the fog. We dawdle because we can. We stop at Hope, which I take to be meaningful. At Chester we deliver a sewing machine and pick up a stepdaughter and partner. On to Worcester via the M6 traffic jam.

Worcester looks shabbier than ever, but the hotel is good and I write many of words while P eats out with friends. I love ‘stolen moments’ writing – I can ‘go to the office’ to write, but somehow an hour in a café or an afternoon and evening in a hotel seems more productive (you’re halfway to strange already).

Saturday: Morning – writing. Afternoon: wedding – great time – only one person asks me what I do. The groom works in the music industry, so some magnificent haircuts on display.

Sunday: Give the bride and groom a lift to Heathrow. Home by 11am. Re-write all day. 9pm email the play to Brum.

I’ve got a meeting in Brum tomorrow, but I think I’ll go straight there.