>A Dream

>I had a dream … I’ve been piling on the weight since the move to London and it’s been worrying me. Anyway – this dream. I dreamt I woke up and looked in the mirror and I was wearing this really heavy hat – a two stone hat! I hadn’t realised that I’d been wearing this hat for so long. I took it off and I didn’t have a weight problem any more. I thought ‘I should write a diet book’. Then I woke up for real, went to the mirror and …

Last Monday I hauled my fat arse up to Birmingham to talk about the radio play. The meeting was in a converted letter box overlooking the beautiful River Birm. I met Soweto Kinch who is going to be composing special music for the play – cool!

Since then I’ve been engaged in displacement activity. And trying on different hats.

About lancewoodman

Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

Posted on April 2, 2007, in music, radio. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. >It always comes back to hats in the end, don’t it? Actually, I think I might be suffering under the weight of the same two stone hat that you are. If I could get rid of that and replace it with, say, a lightweight but ultra-fashionable flat cap, then get the monkey off me back the writing might come a bit easier. If only we could lose weight in direct proportion to the amount of words we bashed out, there’d be double reason to stop mucking about. I like your dream, Lance, you must have more.

  2. >That’s a book I would love to read. Particularly if it was written with a sincere tone.(Strangely enough, a self-help title caught my eye the other day because it looked like a Paul McKenna book and I thought it was titled “De-Stroy Your Life in 7 Days”… of course, it was actually something else. Pity.)

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