>A(nother) Good Night Out

>Today started badly by losing an hour – I didn’t realise this until about 1.30pm (or 12.30pm or 2.30pm – I can never work it out). This left a lot of work to do in too short a time.

P’s away in Liverpool, so to Dalston solo for the Miniaturists 6 show at The Arcola. I ate a late lunch on the bus (a baguette, or cake as we call it in London). Luckily the public transport behaved itself and I got to the theatre with 10 minutes to spare (I thought I had 40 minutes, but I’d got the start time wrong – I shouldn’t be allowed out).

Five plays in just over 2 hours – all good, but two of them really caught the imagination. Mike’s Wishes by Benjamin Yeoh is a mini-epic – traversing the world in real time. The two (four) characters fight to achieve what they want while at the same time trying to work out the rules of game. Beautifully written, directed and acted. Catherine Medbh by Declan Feenan is a proper (?) miniature. A small moment carefully observed and rendered in great detail. Where Mike’s Wishes zips through emotions and space, Catherine Medbh is based in stillness. Superb performances to complement the writing. Two completely different approaches to The Miniaturists’ brief – and both spellbinding.

Mike’s Wishes written by Benjamin Yeoh, directed by Hannah Eidinow, cast: Hywel John and Celia Adams. Catherine Medbh by Declan Feenan, directed by Ciaran McQuillan, cast: Kerry-Jayne Wilson and John Hollingworth.

To Birminghamshire tomorrow to meet the team for the radio play.

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  1. >Lance, this is brilliant of you to be a regular and what kind of cake was it? I honestly think I enjoyed this show most of the half dozen. Top plays and I wasn’t once remotely tempted to panic in the whole thirteen hours I was in the Arcola. Cheers, sbs. ps And next time let’s arrange to meet!

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