>Where was I?

>Feeling a bit nnfff lately, hence the lack of blogaction. A bit narked by some of the vituperation and weaseliness in the Attempts On Her Life debate (oh Nicholas!), but some positive contributions on both sides of the argument. Encore is probably a good place to start if you’re interested.

I led a session on the play with students in Birmingham yesterday – good fun and seriously engaging.

Interval Drinks – welcome to the blog roll.

Been watching: and enjoying High Hopes and Before Sunrise on DVD.

Booking for: The Miniaturists at The Arcola (including a play by blogonaut Ben Yeoh) and the Herne Hill Good Friday Meeting.

Listening to: Dogtanian and The Muskehounds theme tune. Classic.

Current ring tone: Roobard and Custard theme tune. Cheers me up.

Some words that may cheer you up:

  1. Hogwilbert
  2. Nurb
  3. Terracotta
  4. Panna cotta

(note: detach the signifier from the signified before use. Important: remember where you’ve put the link for afterwards, particularly with 3 and 4 – confusion can lead to restaurant-based embarrassment and disappointing flowerpottage).