>Things move on

The dwarf daffodils (Narcissus Squitimuss) are out, which is nice.

The early draft of the radio script went in yesterday and now I have to re-orientate towards the stage play. This is taking time. More time than it should do.

I must get physically fit again. My state of mind is badly affected by lard-buttism. I haven’t exercised regularly since October (tho’ I did run back from the chip shop in the rain the other night). The excuse is always a lack of time, but if I could increase physical energy by 34.1% and speed of thought by 18.6%, I would free enough time to exercise for an hour every other day (it’s taken me 83 minutes to calculate this).

I have managed to ‘dream cast’ the main role of the stage play. When I was at The Reporter on Saturday a famous actor kicked me in the stalls (it was an accident, they did apologise). Later I thought what a good choice they would be for the part. It helps. It to helps create the pictures, gestures and voice. It doesn’t mean that only he or she could play the role, it just allows the process to kick start.

Theatre next week: Dying For It at The Almeida by Moira Buffini on Friday and Attempts on Her Life by Martin Crimp at The National on Saturday.

Listening to: Sugar Sugar by The Archies over and over again (does anyone know how to stop repeat play on a Dansette?)

Reading: The Bumper Book of Dot to Dot Puzzles (“Disappointingly thin – only 2 snails in 150 pages” – Sebastian Faulks in The Guardian)

4 thoughts on “>Things move on

  1. >Two things. Thing 1)You haven’t done any physical exercise since October? I haven’t done any physical exercise since senior school. That’ll be 25 years. Hope that makes you feel better.Thing 2) How to stop repeat play on a Dansette. Have you tried a hammer?

  2. >Phew, glad that got cleared up, the idea of eternal Dansette was unsettling. Re fantasy casting you should def get on to that actor’s agent, sounds like fate to me.

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